Hydro excavation trucks have become increasingly popular in the last two decades for everything from potholing and sewer jetting to pit cleaning and construction site cleanup. Ring-O-Matic’s versatile vacuum excavation trucks deliver the best configurations for all these applications and more.

Feature-Packed Vacuum Excavators to Help You Get the Job Done

Ring-O-Matic’s vacuum trailers, vacuum trucks and skid mount configurations are packed with features to help you work more efficiently and safely. These features include standard and high-CFM vacuum excavation models powered by CAT Diesel engines for the ultimate in reliability and performance, VL vacuum excavation models powered by gas engines, rugged reliable Gardner Denver vacuum pump/blowers and rugged construction with heavy duty frames and the largest axle capacities in their class.

Ideal for Many Applications

Ring-O-Matic’s vacuum excavation machines are perfect for construction site cleanup, potholing, sump cleanup, sewer jetting, drilling fluid cleanup, catch basin cleanup, car wash pit cleaning and more.

About Ring-O-Matic

Founded in 1960 as a general manufacturing and machining company, today Ring-O-Matic manufactures car was pit cleaners, vacuum excavation machines and vac-only machines. This equipment is widely used for potholing and construction site cleanup, enabling precision utility location and efficiency. The patented Cyclo-Jet Potholing Excavator is the cleanest and fastest method to locate underground utilities, and Ring-O-Matic delivers equipment with collection tank sizes ranging from 150 to 3000 gallons powered by CAT Diesel engines. To learn more, visit Ring-O-Matic.com.