Ring-O-Matic Equipment in San Diego: Proven Performance

When it comes to hydro excavation, vacuum excavation, and other vital construction processes, Ring-O-Matic equipment sets the industry standard. With a strong reputation for reliability and ease-of-use, Ring-O-Matic equipment is the preferred choice for contractors, municipalities, and rental operations. For those based in Southern California, Ring-O-Matic equipment in San Diego provides the quality and performance you need to excel in your projects.

Proven Performance of Ring-O-Matic Equipment in San Diego

Over the past 15 years, vacuum excavation processes have gained popularity due to their efficiency and versatility. Ring-O-Matic equipment, available in vacuum trailers, vacuum trucks, and skid mount systems, is at the forefront of this industry trend. From potholing and sewer jetting to environmental cleanup and construction site maintenance, Ring-O-Matic machinery is designed to handle a wide range of applications with precision and power.

Reliability and Ease of Use

Ring-O-Matic equipment is trusted by contractors for general construction site cleanup and precise utility location, an essential part of the horizontal directional drilling process. With collection tank sizes ranging from 150 to 3000 gallons and CAT diesel engine options up to 83 horsepower, Ring-O-Matic provides options that can meet a broad array of project needs.

Ring-O-Matic’s VIPER Pothole Tool

Exclusively from Ring-O-Matic, the patented VIPER Pothole Tool sets a new standard for on-site performance. Providing unmatched productivity and profitability for contractors and municipalities alike, the VIPER ensures operator safety with both standard and dielectric options. It’s an unmatched tool in the market for safe utility exposure and daylighting.

Innovative Equipment for Every Application

Ring-O-Matic offers a line of products designed for various applications:

  • 850VX Hydro Vacuum Cleaner: Offers standard reverse flow for clearing obstructions and easy filter cleaning. Powered by CAT and equipped with rugged vacuum pump blowers by Gardner Denver.
  • 550VX Hydro Vacuum Cleaner: The narrowest machine in its class, offering exceptional maneuverability. Powered by CAT and equipped with rugged vacuum pump blowers by Gardner Denver.
  • 275VX Hydro Vacuum Cleaner: A compact, low-profile model that’s stable even in rough conditions. Powered by CAT and equipped with rugged vacuum pump blowers by Gardner Denver.
  • FT150VX: Packs a high productivity blower into a compact design that fits a standard pickup bed, flatbed, or trailer.
  • 850V Vacuum Only Excavator: Ideal for cleaning up drilling fluids. Available with two power options – CAT Diesels for unmatched performance and reliability, or air-cooled gasoline for cost-effectiveness.
  • 550V Vacuum Excavator: Popular for a wide variety of uses, including potholing, sewer jetting, pit cleaning, environmental cleanup, and construction site cleanup.

With our Ring-O-Matic equipment in San Diego, you can take your hydro and vacuum excavation processes to new levels of efficiency and reliability. Embrace the power of proven performance, and let Ring-O-Matic equipment contribute to the success of your projects. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your free in-person demo!