Reliable Hydrovac Truck Rental in Los Angeles

Need heavy duty equipment for an upcoming excavation project, but dealing with a lighter budget? Our hydrovac truck rentals in Los Angeles get you the equipment you need, when you need it, at prices that won’t break your budget.

Whether you’re interested in renting a hydrovac truck for pole or sign installation, pipe rehabilitation work, a sewer job or an excavation project, we can connect you with a rental truck from TRUVAC to get the job done.

Full-Size/Mid-Size Hydrovc Truck Rental in Los Angeles

Hydrovac Truck Rental in Los Angeles at Haaker Underground

Our rental TRUVAC full-size/mid-size units deliver the following features:

• 8” vacuum system
• Extendable or telescopic boom (22′ reach, 320° rotation)
• P.D. blower rated 18 in” – HG/4,970 cfm or 28” – HG/5,200 cfm
• 50 degree tilting 12-yard debris body
• 10, 20, 25 gpm at 2,500/3,000 psi

TRUVAC FLXX & Coyote Rental

The new TRUVAC FLXX is now available for rent through Haaker Underground. Check out these features and click here to learn more:

• Extendable or telescopic boom
• 50 degree tilting 10-yard debris body
• 800 Gallons of fresh water
• 17,000lb payload capacity
• 10 gpm at 3,000 psi

TRUVAC’s patented DigRight technology increases safety and lets you focus on the job at hand. DigRight prevents pressure from exceeding site or industry requirements, prevents wear and tear on check, unloader and relief valves by avoiding bypassing water and saves fuel and money by eliminating wasted energy.

Best of all? The simple system consists of a push button on the control panel that automatically adjusts the water flow to match nozzle selection.

TRUVAC Paradigm Rental

Our TRUVAC Paradigm hydrovac truck rentals deliver the following features and benefits:

• Class C vehicle (No CDL Required)
• 6” vacuum system
• 50 degree tilting, 675 Gallon debris body
• 300 Gallons fresh water
• Extendable boom (14’6” reach, 210° rotation)
• P.D. blower rated at 15 in-HG and 2,200 cfm
• 8 gpm at 2,500 psi

TRUVAC’s Paradigm is one of the most innovative and versatile vacuum excavation trucks on the market today. Customer-inspired and built to satisfy even the most stringent safe-digging requirements, the Paradigm is compact, low-profile, multi-purpose and tough.

We’re here to help you choose the best vacuum truck rental for your needs and budget. When you call to discuss rentals, we’ll talk about our hourly and daily rates, the specifications and capabilities of our units and our insurance requirements. If you’d like to learn more about our hydrovac truck rentals in Los Angeles, San Diego, the Central Valley, Phoenix or Las Vegas, contact us today at 909-598-2706.