High Performance Sewer Cleaning Nozzles in Las Vegas

Our high-performance sewer cleaning nozzles in Las Vegas from Hydra-Flex are designed to improve your productivity while digging with water. Durable designs, customization options and efficient streams allow you to work in even the harshest environments, making digging easier and causing less fatigue. The Hydra-Flex Ripsaw Rotating Turbo Nozzle is perfect for potholing applications. Learn more about this powerful nozzle below, and contact us today to schedule your free in-person demo!

Dig Faster and Save Water with the Ripsaw Sewer Cleaning Nozzle in Las Vegas

Unmatched performance: The Ripsaw blasts a zero-degree straight water stream at up to an incredible 3200 PSI while rotating at optimal speeds to provide an 18-degree cone of coverage. This cone-shaped flow pattern makes the Ripsaw uniquely suited for potholing applications.

Heavy-duty durability: The Ripsaw is a heavy-duty, high-impact nozzle made of stainless steel housing. The tungsten carbide wear surface is tough enough to withstand the harshest working environments, and it provides a longer life than standard ceramic nozzles. To extend the life of your nozzle even more, ask us about our repair kits!

Designed for safety: The non-conductive urethane coating on the Ripsaw nozzle body protects both your team and sensitive underground utilities. Choose from the traditional coating, or upgrade to the new and improved heavy-duty coating! This special formulation is designed for the most extreme environments, including rocky conditions, shale and frost.

Increased efficiency: The Ripsaw’s greater impingement lets you get jobs done faster than ever before. It also allows you to use a smaller nozzle size while getting the same impact as nozzles with higher GPM flow rates.

Additional features: The Ripsaw includes a unique rubber boot for a smooth rotational surface and an inlet screen that protects the nozzle from contaminants.

Ripsaw Sewer Cleaning Nozzle Specifications

Ripsaw sewer cleaning nozzle specifications

• Minimum Inlet Pressure: 1,000 PSI (69 bar)
• Maximum Inlet Pressure: 3,200 PSI (220 bar)
• Maximum Water Temperature: 180ºF (+82ºC)
• Housing Material: Stainless Steel
• Coating Material: Urethane
• Nozzle Tip & Seat Material: Tungsten Carbide
• Inlet Connection Thread: 1/2” FNPT

Need Service and Repairs for Your Sewer Cleaning Nozzle?

Our Service Department is here to extend the life of your sewer cleaning nozzle! Whether you need a new rubber boot, inlet screen, rotor assembly, seat retainer or top insert, contact us today for fast repairs and replacement parts. We’ll have your nozzle back up to peak performance in no time!

About Hydra-Flex

Hydra-Flex is a privately held Minnesota company founded in 2002, driven by the simple belief that they could “find a better way” to manufacture and commercialize fluid handling products.

Their core values of innovation, accuracy, reliability, and efficiency flow through their DNA and fuel the drive to create measurably better solutions.

Their customers are category leaders in the car wash, hydro-excavation, industrial cleaning, and sewer jetting industries.

With an all out war on waste, their mission is to deliver measurably better fluid handling products. They continually search for and standardize new and better methods. They have a passion to do something that no one else has done and live by the motto “What gets measured, improves.”