TRUVAC’s Prodigy is the ideal hydro vacuum truck for sale and the perfect safe-digging machine for a huge range of demanding applications. Backed by the TRUVAC commitment to quality, the Prodigy delivers remarkable versatility in a powerful yet smaller package. Best of all, it delivers lower operating costs than larger machines.

The Prodigy excavates precisely with air or water and powers electric, hydraulic or pneumatic tools. It controls water with the simple press of a button and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Prodigy hydro vacuum truck for sale

TRUVAC Prodigy Hydro Vacuum Truck Specs

Boom: 6” vacuum system, extendable to 16’ reach, 320-degree rotation

Chassis: Multiple options including not FET choices

Debris body: 50-degree tilting 9 cubic-yard debris body

Vacuum system: Positive displacement blower rated at 16 in-HG and 3200 com

Water system: 10gpm at 3000 psi water pump with DigRight technology

Precision, Power and Performance

Compact yet powerful: A powerful vac system in a smaller, easy-to-maneuver frame.

Air and hydro: Multiple excavation options for all conditions.

Fast and efficient: Locate underground utilities and protect vulnerable infrastructure.

Access ladder: Operators have easy, safe access to the unit’s top with a standard ladder, platform and 8” debris body inspection point.

Customizable billboard: Customize your truck with your logo and message by adding a billboard. TRUVAC can even help with design if needed.

Quick step up boom: 6” vacuum system with extendable boom with powered raise/lower and stowed with dig hose attached for fast setup and tear down.

Optional water tank heater: An optional 400,000 BTU water heater helps you cut through frozen clay and ground.

Easy water pressure adjustment: Adjust the water pressure conveniently with the push of a button from the wireless remote.

Air compressor: If your application calls for dry digging, an optional air excavation system is available. The air compressor can produce 300 CFM at 250 psi. For pneumatic tools, set the compressor to 110 psi with the flip of a switch.

User-friendly control system: The Prodigy’s control system is identical to that of the HXX. The ergonomically-designed control box sits curbside for easy access. This also improves safety and increases efficiency. Its aluminum box protects it from the elements, and controls include a tachometer and hour meter for both the blower and chassis. Also included are water system on/off, temperature control for various systems, complete body dump and boom functions, E-Stop and more. The solid state controls are manufactured specifically for mobile equipment and won’t fail under vibration like mechanical switches or relays.

Fold down pipe racks: If you need additional vacuum tube storage in an easily accessible and convenient location, fold down pipe racks are available.

Hydraulically powered rear door and locks: Keep the props out of the contaminated load in the debris hopper by deploying rear door safety props from the outside.  The large rear door uses a single hydraulic ram to lock and unlock the rear door, therefore making it impossible to accidentally open the lock with the loss of power. A rubber door seal prevents leakage from the debris hopper.

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The TRUVAC Prodigy is the perfect hydro vacuum truck for sale. It simply helps you do your job better, faster and easier. To learn more about the Prodigy and see its performance, precision and productivity capabilities first-hand, contact Haaker Underground today to schedule a demo.