Put most simply, potholing is the only safe way to identify buried assets before beginning a construction project. This investigative method exposes underground utilities at job sites, and our hydrovac excavation trucks are the perfect tool for potholing.

The Potholing Process

Excavation potholing is a simple process with our hydrovac trucks that involves using water to dig and penetrate the ground. Powerful vacuums then suck up debris and soil into a tank, exposing underground lines and amenities for identification and inspection.

Potholing Methods

Once the most prevalent method, potholing with backhoes is now widely regarded as hazardous. Backhoes put underground utilities at risk, which puts the safety of your whole operation in danger.

Hand digging is an economical choice when it comes to potholing, but it is inconvenient for all but the very smallest operations. What you may save on equipment is easily spent in time and labor costs.

Finally, vacuum excavation is the ideal choice for effective, safe potholing. Precise, cost-effective and less hazardous, vacuum excavation is the best way to locate underground utilities.

The Benefits of Potholing with Our Hydrovac Excavation Trucks

Potholing is an essential step for assessing your job site and keeping workers safe. The benefits of potholing include:

* Decreasing the risk of underground utility damage
* Safely digging around electrical wires
* Budget-friendly and efficient exposure of underground utilities
* Accurate digging and identification
* Availability for diverse applications

Our hydrovac excavation trucks from Pacific Rim and TRUVAC are the perfect potholing solutions. Check out our inventory here and schedule your free in-person demo with Haaker Underground in Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno, Las Vegas or Phoenix today!