Hydrovac Excavation Trucks for Every Industry

No matter your industry, Haaker Underground has the right hydrovac excavation trucks to get the job done faster and safer. Our equipment from TRUVAC, Ring-O-Matic and Pacific Tek delivers prevision, service and dependability you can count on. Take a look at some of the industries we serve below, and contact us today to schedule your free demo of our hydro vac excavation trucks in Los Angeles, San Diego, the Central Valley, Phoenix or Las Vegas.

Hydrovac Excavation Trucks for Construction

Safety is the top priority in the construction industry, and our hydro vac excavation trucks help your team navigate any project safely. Our trucks from TRUVAC, Pacific Tek and Ring-O-Matic are designed to excel in the toughest environments and most congested areas. These units are perfect for all of your construction needs, including potholing, daylighting, debris removal and trenching.

Hydrovac Excavation Trucks for Industrial Job Sites

Whether you need a hydro excavation truck for cable installation, tower cleaning, fly ash removal, thawing frozen lines and conduits, utility verification or vessel removal, we got you covered.

Hydrovac Excavation Trucks for the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas industry professionals trust TRUVAC hydro vac trucks for pipeline crossings, site abandonment, fractures tank clean outs, spill clean ups, thawing frozen lines, rig cleaning, trenching for pipeline repair and installation and pipeline crossings.

Hydrovac Excavation Trucks for Power Generation

TRUVAC hydro vacuum trucks are designed to meet challenges in the power generation industry, including creating utility pole holes, cable installation, locating lost cables, cleaning, maintenance and utility verification.

Hydrovac Excavation Trucks for Utility Locating

Vacuum excavators are the perfect safe potholing and daylighting solutions. Our units reliably perform nondestructive exposure of underground utilities, allowing you to excavate around buried utilities with the most efficiency and safety possible. This safer method of digging allows you to provide visual identification, condition, location, material and other important details of underground facilities.

The TRUVAC Paradigm is perfect for excavating around utilities and satisfying the most stringent safe-digging requirements. The Paradigm hydrovac excavation truck features an extendable boom with powered raise/lower that is stowed with the dig hose attached for quick setup and tear down. The compact design makes it perfect for easy maneuverability in even the most congested spaces, and it is available in non-CDL configuration. Flip a single switch to begin operations thanks to the Park-N-Dig quick setup design, and the single engine design delivers unmatched performance.

Interested in seeing the Paradigm hydrovac excavation truck in person? Contact us today to schedule your free demo and learn how this unit can be the ideal safe digging machine for your construction, industrial or utility-locating project.