Paradigm TRUVAC hydro vacuum truck

For more than 40 years, Haaker has been on the cutting edge of product distribution and service. That’s why we are excited to offer TRUVAC hydro excavation trucks, made by Vactor Manufacturing. Vactor has long been a leading manufacturer of catch basin and sewer cleaners, and their TRUVAC line continues their commitment to providing the best equipment solutions for a wide range of industries. 

TRUVAC Hydro Excavation Trucks 

The TRUVAC line of hydro excavation trucks available at Haaker Underground includes the sub-compact, versatile Paradigm, the powerful Prodigy vacuum excavator and the full-sized HXX series of vacuum excavators. 

While the TRUVAC line may be brand new, it builds on the foundation of quality and technology established by Vactor. The line is reflective of Vactor’s century of operator-focused innovation and two decades of experience manufacturing vacuum excavators. 

Haaker Underground is proud to be one of the carefully selected dealers to sell TRUVAC machines, and our team of dedicated, experienced sales managers and support personnel is excited to connect you with the best hydro excavation trucks for your needs. Whether you manage a construction site, industrial operation, asphalt plant, railway or oil and gas operation, TRUVAC vacuum extractor trucks are the perfect solution. Learn more about how this equipment can make your operation safer, more efficient and more productive here. 

TRUVAC and Haaker Underground are dedicated to advanced, safe-digging technology, superior productivity and better performance. That’s what we were founded on, and it’s what we deliver to you in every TRUVAC hydro vacuum excavation truck. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your FREE demo!