Experience Unmatched Efficiency with TRUVAC Equipment in Las Vegas

When it comes to hydro vacuum excavation, it’s imperative to have equipment that combines power, efficiency, and safety. TRUVAC equipment in Las Vegas is the ideal choice for industry professionals who understand these requirements and strive for unmatched productivity. Today, we’ll focus on two of TRUVAC‘s exceptional models, the Paradigm and the FLXX.

The Power of the TRUVAC Paradigm

Compact, low-profile and robust, the TRUVAC Paradigm is the most innovative and versatile sub-compact vacuum excavator truck on the market. Built to satisfy even the most stringent safe-digging requirements, this model offers an array of features designed to optimize your operations.

With its 6″ vacuum system, the Paradigm includes an extended boom that can be powered to raise or lower, remaining attached for swift setup and teardown. Its compact design ensures easy maneuverability, with a non-CDL configuration available for increased versatility.

The Paradigm also introduces the ‘Park-n-Dig’ feature – a quick setup design that allows operators to flip a single switch and begin operations. This single-engine model provides unmatched performance, capable of powering pneumatic, hydraulic, or electrical tools, excavating safely around utilities with air or water, and transporting and storing equipment and tools.

Technical Specifications of the TRUVAC Paradigm

For a better understanding of its capacity, let’s delve into the technical specs:

  • BOOM: 6″ vacuum system, extendable to 14′ 6″ reach, 210-degree rotation.
  • CHASSIS: Class 6 non-CDL or Class 7 chassis options.
  • DEBRIS BODY: 50-degree tilting 675-gallon debris body.
  • VACUUM SYSTEM: Positive displacement blower rated at 15 in-HG and 2200 cfm.
  • WATER SYSTEM: 8 gpm at 2500 psi water pump with DigRight technology.

Discover the Flexibility of TRUVAC FLXX

Meet the TRUVAC FLXX – a hydro vac truck providing maximum payload, performance, and productivity in a compact, yet powerful package. Perfect for a wide range of applications, the FLXX ensures you’re equipped for the most profitable jobs.

The FLXX comes with a 6″ vacuum system and a 22′ boom reach, offering 340-degree rotation. It has a 10yd^3 debris body that can tilt 50 degrees. The water system has a 10 gpm at 3000 psi water pump, equipped with DigRight technology, which ensures safe and precise digging with one-touch flow control.

The FLXX features both water and air operations and provides the highest legal payload in its class. Like the Paradigm, the FLXX also comes with the Park-n-Dig feature, allowing for a quick setup and teardown.

TRUVAC FLXX hydrovac excavation truck

Choose TRUVAC Equipment in Las Vegas

When it comes to hydro vac trucks, the TRUVAC Paradigm and FLXX models offer innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and safety while maximizing your profitability. Haaker Underground stands by the quality and reliability of these TRUVAC models, ready to help you optimize your operations in Las Vegas. Want to see these units in person? Contact us to schedule your free demo of our TRUVAC equipment in Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego, the Central Valley or Los Angeles!