Innovation at Work: Elgin’s RegenX Street Sweeper

Since 1914, Elgin sweepers have been making roadways safer and more attractive all over the country. Over a century later, Elgin is still the top manufacturer of the toughest, most rugged street sweepers on the market. That legacy continues with the RegenX regenerative air street sweeper. This unit was designed with input from operators, public works directors, fleet managers, service technicians and other contractors through the United States and Canada, and it shows.

Elgin RegenX in use

RegenX: A Smarter Design for Greater Productivity

The RegenX features a roll-off dump height of 56″ (142.24 cm) with a 50º dump angle and 8 yd3 (6.11 m3) hopper. This level of performance can help you avoid double-handling and driving back to a facility to dump. You can increase efficiency even more by placing roll-off containers along your route. All of this saves you time, effort, expense, and fuel costs.

Easy-to-Clean Hopper

Cleaning the hopper is easier than ever before on the RegenX thanks to these features:

• Simple inlet design with deflector that loads debris evenly, simplifying washout
• Rounded corners for easy cleaning and better load evacuation
• Easy access to dust separator washout doors
• Self-deploying dust separator that evacuates dust when the hopper is dumped

RegenX Delivers Savings

Throughout the design of the RegenX you will find performance advantages that improve productivity, reduce downtime, simplify maintenance, and enhance operator performance–all to help you create a cleaner environment for your community. RegenX performance advantages include:

• Overall simpler design with fewer moving parts
• Bolt-on parts in key areas (like the dust separator and hopper inlet) for easier servicing
• Easy access to all service and maintenance components
• Convenient switches for faster operation
• Water level indicator visible from side mirror while operating
• Dual quick disconnect on suction tube for easy maintenance and access to obstructions
• Extended steel suction tube for improved material flow
• Adjustable rear bumper for efficient offloading into containers
• Adjustable hopper door locks for proper seal

Superior Side Broom for Enhanced Cleaning

To provide superior cleaning action, the RegenX broom features:

• Innovative in-cab pneumatic float for adjustable side broom pressure
• Elgin’s unique trailing arm design provides inward motion to avoid obstacles
• Standard parallelogram linkage allows side brooms to closely follow road contours and maintain a consistent broom tilt angle with the road surface

Do More with Less Effort

The best technology makes our lives and our work easier. That is why the RegenX has been designed for operators of all levels. It has easy-to-master controls with no control modules, simple operation, and simplified maintenance. The result is higher productivity with less downtime, and a short learning curve for operators. With the RegenX, operators can focus on their work, not the controls, bringing added safety to every job. Advantages include:

• Simplified controls with preset throttle adjustments that can be made on the fly
• The ability to change from sweep to transport mode with the flip of a switch
• Simple dump controls
• Expedited, easier washout and cleanup
• Fast, easy access to maintenance and service points

Interested in learning more about the RegenX street sweeper? Contact Haaker Underground today to schedule your free in-person demo of the RegenX in Los Angeles, the Central Valley, San Diego, Las Vegas or Phoenix!